Other sites with reduced tillage information:


Soil Conservation Council of Canada
The Soil Conservation Council of Canada is the face and voice of soil conservation in Canada.

Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association
Contains direct seeding agronomic information, SSCA conference proceedings and events in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba North Dakota Zero Tillage Association
Contains ManDak's zero tillage manuals and annual conference proceedings.

NOrth America

Conservation Agriculture Systems Alliance (CASA)

Across North America voluntary producer organizations work hard to promote no-till systems and other practices that provide economic benefits as well as environmental benefits to their regions.

Today a growing number of these groups, including Reduced Tillage LINKAGES are forming a communication network that will strengthen not only individual efforts but also the shared goal of increasing conservation in agriculture.


Conservation Technology Information Center
US National Site, programs, statistics, reports and resources

Dakota Lakes Research Farm
Extensive extension material especially on rotations and principles of no-till from Dr. Dwayne Beck

No-till On The Plains
Lots of no-till information from the central plains of the USA . They also publish a magazine called 'Leading Edge'

Pacific North West Conservation Tillage Systems Information Source
Contains Conservation Tillage handbook, conference proceedings and case studies

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Sustainable soil management information

Pacific North West Direct Seed Association

(PNDSA) was formed in 2000 to provide information exchange on conservation policy issues and research coordination

The New Farm

Organic farming with no-till



Western-Australian No Tillage Farmers Association (WANTFA)
Interesting information from Western Australia , some free information and additional for members

Conservation Agriculture Alliance of Australia and New Zealand (CAAANZ)

More than 4000 conservation and no-till farmers across Australia and NZ belong to the groups that form this alliance.

Crabtree Agricultural Consulting

Bill Crabtree - Specializing in No-Tillage Consulting


South america

Rolf Derpsch - No-Tillage, Sustainable Agriculture in the New Millennium

Rolf is widely recognized as one of the world's leading no-till consultants

Argentine No-till Farmers Association – AAPRESID
AAPRESID is a non-profit organization committed to fulfill the needs and expectations of its associates, and to promote innovation as an organizational attitude.

(CAAPAS) Confederation of the American Associations for the Production of Sustainable Agriculture

This web site presents a Proposal for a Sustainable Agriculture by Farmers from the Americas



Intensifying Crop Production with Conservation Agriculture
FAO sponsored aimed mainly at small farms