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December 15, 2006 Direct Seeding Creates Opportunities For A Farm In Transition - Kevin James, Castor, AB
December 12, 2005 Managing the Risks and Rewards of Pulse Crops - Koos Wysbeek, Burdett, AB
October 10, 2005 Managing Crop Rotations on a Dryland Farm in Alberta - Brian Otto, Warner, AB
April 04, 2005 Direct Seeding Leads To More Changes - Robert Weisgerber, Schuler, AB
January 10, 2005 A Measured Approach to Direct Seeding - Don Boles, Three Hills, AB
August 17, 2004 The Ups and Downs of Growing Winter Wheat - Theo Thirsk, Kelsey, AB
August 10, 2004 Modifying a Hoe Drill for Low-Cost Direct Seeding - Harvey Abbott, Killam, AB
February 18, 2004 Zero-till: Experience a Move to Less and Less Disturbance - Rick Dobush, Vegreville, AB
September 17, 2003 Using a Stripper Header in a Direct Seeded System - Larry Van Slyke, Red Deer, AB
September 16, 2003 No New Equipment for Move to “Real” Zero-Till - Curtis Mcminis, Mannville
August 12, 2003 Modifying Equipment: A Low-Cost Way to Begin Direct Seeding - Don Moe, Delia, AB
July 16, 2003 Chem-fallow, Direct Seeding Cuts Input Costs - Terry Doran, Bow Island, AB
January 16, 2003 Computers & GPS Improve Farming Returns for this Direct Seeder - Curt McNaughton, Rumsey, AB
July 17, 2002 Direct Seeding & Fall Seeded Crops Stretch Work Windows - Craig Shaw, Lacombe, AB
February 12, 2002 Efficiency, Moisture Conservation, Only Way to Keep Farming - Brian Hildebrand, Skiff, AB
January 22, 2002 Making the Most of Every Crop’s Special Features - Doug Wright, Nobleford, AB
September 05, 2001 Crop Residues Can Be Handled, Even Under Irrigaiton - Tony Brummelhuis, Rainier, AB