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July 03, 2007 Ascochyta Scouting in Field Pea - Scoring System
April 23, 2007 Guidelines For Seed-Borne Diseases Of Cereal Crops - 2007
April 10, 2007 Tillage Has Less Effect on Crop Diseases Than Other Factors
March 01, 2007 All Things Canola - Direct Seeding Advantage 2006
March 01, 2007 Leveraging Biology - Direct Seeding Advantage 2006
February 28, 2007 Crop Rotation and Fertility Effects on Leaf Spot Diseases in Southwest Saskatchewan
February 01, 2007 Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) of Cereals, A Disease of Concern for Alberta
February 01, 2007 Direct Seeding and Pest Interactions
February 01, 2007 Crop Diseases and Reduced Tillage - Direct Seeding Advantage 2004
February 01, 2007 Controlling Barley Diseases in Direct Seeding Systems
February 01, 2007 Plant Diseases
February 01, 2007 Plant Diseases in Direct Seeding Systems
February 01, 2007 Tillage Management does not Affect Disease Severity in Field Pea and Lentils Grown in Four-year Rotations
February 01, 2007 Effect of Reduced Tillage on Wheat Diseases
February 01, 2007 Managing Crop Losses from Foliar Diseases with Fungicides, Rotations and Tillage in Saskatchewan Parkland
February 01, 2007 Controlling Wheat Diseases in Direct Seeding Systems
February 01, 2007 Controlling Field Pea Diseases in Direct Seeding Systems
February 01, 2007 Control Strategies for Stubble-Borne Pathogens of Wheat
February 01, 2007 DICTA: Disease Information for Conservation Tillage Actions
February 01, 2007 Plant Diseases in Cereal and Pulse Crops with Conservation Tillage
February 01, 2007 Effects of Seeding Date and Fungicidal Seed Treatment on Pythium Root rot of Field Pea
February 01, 2007 Zero Tillage Suppresses Barley and Canola Diseases
February 01, 2007 The Response of Cereal Root Diseases to Cultural Practices Using Zero Tillage
November 22, 2005 Remote Planes for Crop Scouting - Direct Seeding Advantage 2005