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Investigation into the Effectiveness of Residue Managers and Wheels with Direct Seeded Field Crops
Author: AgTech Centre
Date Created: February 02, 2004
Last Reviewed: February 22, 2007

Direct seeding into high amounts of residue is a problem for most types of seeding equipment. Residue managers or wheels are designed to either push residue away from the opener or hold straw and chaff in place so that the hoe or disk opener can better slice through it, allowing for proper seed and fertilizer placement. The Agricultural Technology Centre (ATC) conducted a series of studies from 2003 to 2005 to determine the effect on emergence and yield of barley, canola, mustard, peas and wheat when using residue managers and wheels with disk and hoe openers.

Use of the Siemens residue wheel with a hoe opener increased emergence over the check at three sites. The Siemens residue wheel permitted the seeder to operate in fields with tall residue where the hoe opener check was inoperable. The Siemens residue wheel pinned the residue to the ground, which pulled the residue around the opener and allowed it to clear through the seeder. The Terra-Tine row cleaner used with the hoe opener in tall residue resulted in straw wrapping around the wheel and prevented operation.

The Yetter residue manager and K-Hart residue wheel effectively moved residue from in front of the Barton disk opener but no significant differences were measured in crop emergence. The Barton disk opener adequately cut through most residues so the use of the Yetter residue manager and K-Hart residue wheel had small effects on crop emergence and yield.

Use of the Brummelhuis Seeding System increased crop emergence and yield. The aggressive combination of the fertilizer disk and residue wheels resulted in a clean furrow for the disk openers.
Residue managers and wheels are viable options for use with hoe and disk openers while seeding barley, canola, peas or wheat but significant differences in crop emergence and yield occur infrequently. Use of certain managers and wheels allowed the seeder to clear residue and operate in the field. 

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