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Investigation into the Effectiveness of Residue Managers and Wheels with Direct Seeded Peas
Author: AgTech Centre
Date Created: February 02, 2004
Last Reviewed: February 22, 2007

Direct seeding into high amounts of residue is a problem for most types of seeding equipment. Disk type openers hair pin residue and hoe type openers cause plugging or accumulations of residue. This results in decreased crop emergence and yields. Residue managers or wheels are designed to either push residue away from the opener or hold straw and chaff in place so the hoe or disc opener can better slice through it, allowing for proper seed and fertilizer placement. A study was conducted to determine the effect on emergence and yield of peas when using residue managers and wheels with a disk and hoe opener.

Pea emergence and yields were erratic and showed no specific trends. Only the use of the K-Hart residue manager resulted in higher pea emergence than the checks. Use of the Siemens prototype residue wheel and the Yetter residue manager resulted in higher pea yields than the checks.

The CACDI pea site was part of a larger study, which included 5 other crop sites. Smaller seed crops like canola were more responsive to residue management at the other sites. The study should be continued to further investigate the effect of residue managers and wheels on crop emergence and yield. Sites with higher residue levels should be used in the future. 

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