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Pre-seeding Weed Burn-down in Direct Seeding - Update May 7/07
Author: Mirza N. Baig and Peter Gamache
Date Created: April 20, 2007
Last Reviewed: May 07, 2007

Adoptions of direct seeding systems technology, whether zero or minimum tillage is rapid in Canada because of inherent environmental (soil conservation, greater soil moisture and improved soil quality) and economical (reduced labor, fuel, equipment requirement and higher yields) benefits. Direct seeding systems require effective weed burndown programs that successfully control weeds prior to planting to ensure seeding into a weed-free seedbed for competitive stand establishment and rapid crop growth. On the Canadian prairies, a number of chemicals are registered for pre-seed burndown weed control programs in direct seeding systems. The objective of this report is to (1) describe the weeds present prior to seeding in direct seeding systems, (2) investigate their relative emergence timing, (3) investigate chemical control options, and (4) provide guidelines for weed management in burndown systems.

Download the pdf for a detailed 8 page factsheet.