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Wouldn't It Be Nice Just To Grow Wheat?
Author: Bruce Barker, Top Crop Manger
Date Created: February 15, 2006
Last Reviewed: February 15, 2006

Increasing crop diversity and using carefully planned crop rotations offer many well-known benefits such as increased yield, reduced disease, improved crop residue management and better soil quality. Yet diversifying crop rotations has been difficult, especially under conventional seeding. But under direct seeding systems, everything changes.

“Moving to direct seeding often goes hand-in-hand with crop diversity. As growers reduce tillage, they tend to place more emphasis on crop management to deal with disease, weed and crop residue, and that generally leads to more dynamic crop rotations,” says Ron Heller, Alberta Reduced Tillage LINKAGES agronomist at Vermilion. “And with reduced tillage, the grower often can expand his cropping options because he has better moisture.”

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