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Seeding Rate Calculator
Author: Rick Taillieu, Reduced Tillage LINKAGES
Date Created: April 16, 2007
Last Reviewed: May 03, 2007

Calculating seeding rates based on target plant populations is a critical step in achieving a healthy competitive crop.

After determining the desired plant stand for your crop, you can determine the correct seeding rate in pounds per acre based on your seed size, germination, and expected seedling mortality. Keep in mind that all of these factors vary greatly and seed testing is the best way to be accurate.

Seeding based on a desired plant stand will allow you to assess your seeding performance during seeding and after the crop emerges. 

For example if you target 23 wheat plants per square foot you can go out and physically count the seeds in each foot of row or after emergence you can count the plants that are there. If you seed in an arbitrary number of pounds (or worse yet in bushels) - how do you assess your performance?

You can find a number of seeding rate calculators and associated information on the Alberta Agriculture & Food website:

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We also have a seeding rate calculator for all crops available as an Excel file that is formatted for use on a PDA, Palm Pilot or your computer when you are offline
click here for the Seeding Rate Calculator excel file