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Barley Stand Establishment Seeding Rates Demonstrations
Author: Reduced Tillage LINKAGES
Date Created: March 22, 2007
Last Reviewed: March 22, 2007

Research throughout Alberta, conducted by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has consistently shown that higher seeding rates enhance the competitive ability of the crop. Competitive varieties and seeding rates to achieve optimum plant populations (stand density) increased competition with weeds and enhanced herbicide efficacy. The research has also shown that seed mortality is generally much higher than estimated by farmers and crop advisors. Reducing seeding rates and establishing less than optimal plant stands reduces the competitiveness of barley crops. The project is designed to show farmers that seeding at optimal rates can lead to agronomic and economic advantages. Enhanced crop competitiveness, improved weed control, more even maturity, less dockage and better net returns are some of the advantages. Field Scale Demonstrations evaluating seeding rates will be a very good extension tool to address issues involving barley plant stand establishment.

Click on the pdf to view the 2006 report from five field sites.