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About our New Website
Author: Rick Taillieu, Reduced Tillage LINKAGES
Date Created: March 08, 2007
Last Reviewed: March 21, 2007

Welcome to the new RTL website

We have just completed a major rebuild of our website to facilitate a few significant changes:

The Agronomy Library
We have totally redesigned the menu structure within the library to make it easier for you to find the information that you are looking for. We also added a new library navigation tool (the small red links at the top of this article) that show you where you are within the library. All of the articles within the library now also include the date the article was first created and the date that it was last reviewed by an RTL agronomist to ensure that the information was still relevant and accurate.

The Farmer To Farmer Network is Now Online
Our FTF Network has more than 700 farmers who are willing to share their equipment and cropping information with RTL and with other farmers - and it continues to grow. FTF members can now login to their own account and update their own information - helping us keep this database up to date. New members can also sign up online - which is much faster than filling out a form and faxing it in. The RTL agronomists will continue to manage the accounts of farmers who do not have internet access. Click on the Farmer To Farmer tab for more information on how the FTF works.

Always something new
For the RTL agronomists, the biggest change is that we are now able to upload and maintain all of the information ourselves instantly. The previous site required sending requests to a computer programmer - and while we appreciated their efforts, often something was lost in translation from the mouth of the agronomist to the keyboard of a computer guy.

This means you will find the more new information on the site more often. You will even find the latest additions to the Agronomy Library right on the home page. We have also added an "Event & Field Report" area to the library - you are in it now. RTL Agronomists will begin posting short reports of what we are seeing in the field or what we are learning at the tours, meetings and conferences that we attend.

We hope you like the new site and we welcome any feedback you would like to provide - just click on the Agronomist tab to find our phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Our thanks to Core Creative who managed the redesign of the new site and online FTF database.