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Winter Cereals - Diverse & Dynamic Crop Rotations (Vegreville, AB) - Direct Seeding Advantage 2003
Author: Ken Farion
Date Created: November 18, 2003
Last Reviewed: November 18, 2003

Winter cereals being a dynamic and diverse crop in Northeast Alberta, isn’t the usual description most producers would use for winter wheat. Production of winter wheat in this region has had limited success in the last fifty years, hence the acres grown. 

On our farm, I tried winter wheat in the early nineties with limited success. The varieties were mainly feed quality, and my early zero till openers could not keep a shallow, consistent depth with low disturbance, which is necessary for winter wheat. Success was limited so I shelved the idea for ten years. 

In the summer of 2002, I started toying with the idea again. What changed? The seeding equipment we now use can no doubt do the job required. Good fertilizer placement and separation, shallow seed placement with on row packing and little disturbance of the crop stubble are required to protect the seedling from the elements of winter and to trap snow.

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