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Pea Seeding Rates - Direct Seeding Advantage 2004
Author: Roger Andreiuk, Reduced Tillage LINKAGES
Date Created: November 23, 2004
Last Reviewed: November 23, 2004

Reduced Tillage LINKAGES teamed up with the Alberta Pulse Growers to carry out On Farm Extension Demonstrations showcasing optimum pea seeding rates. Three sites were established; two in the Peace Country at Wembley and Fairview and one near Leduc in central Alberta. The Wembley site cooperator was Claus Toerper, the Fairview site cooperator was Henry Vos and the Leduc site cooperator was Cor Abma. 

The intent of these field scale sites was to extend pea production and reduced tillage agronomy for Alberta farmers; and get farmers in the field talking about growing peas. The sites were seeded and managed by the cooperating farmers. Signs were placed at the sites and tours were held during the summer. There was no replication of treatments on these demonstrations so data presented here can not be used to draw conclusions, but rather can serve as background information for discussion purposes.

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