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Seed Bashing in Canola - Direct Seeding Advantage 2004
Author: Roger Andreiuk, Reduced Tillage LINKAGES
Date Created: November 23, 2004
Last Reviewed: February 01, 2007

The title “Seed Bashing” may conjure up thoughts of saying bad things about seed companies or the assessment of crop varieties, however, in this case seed bashing refers to the damage that can occur to seed during the seeding operation. This paper deals with bashing of canola seed. 

Over the last number of decade’s we’ve seen improved genetics in canola seed, we have more herbicide options, seeding equipment has improved and we have good seed treatments. So with all these improvements why do we still find only 40-60% emergence in the canola crops we sow. Of course there are the usual reasons for poor plant stands like cool soils, seedling disease, poor seed/soil contact, dry springs, bad seed – the list goes on. 

How about mechanical damage to the seed as it travels through the seeding unit? As mentioned earlier there have been major improvements in air seeder technology. We are able to deliver more seed and fertilizer more accurately and place it more precisely than ever before – so what’s the trouble?

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