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Crop Nutrition and Soil Quality Changes in Direct Seeding - Direct Seeding Advantage 2005
Author: Rigas Karamanos, Westco Fertilizers
Date Created: November 22, 2005
Last Reviewed: November 22, 2005

Crop Nutrition is defined as the supply and absorption of chemical compounds needed for growth and metabolism (Mengel and Kirkby 1979). Implementation of direct seeding and by extension zero tillage results in a number of changes in the whole soil-plantsystem
that can directly or indirectly affect crop nutrition. Some of the most important changes are related to the effect of accumulation of residues directly on the soil surface and lack of soil disturbance in a zero tillage system. 

Any change in crop nutrition under long-term zero tillage will be reflected in the supplying power and, hence, availability of nutrients. Therefore, this presentation looks at the impact direct seeding might have on the supplying process(s) of soil nutrients and soil properties that might affect the same.

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