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2005 Field Pea Stand Establishment & Impact Of Air Seeder Wind Speed On Pea Germination And Inoculant Viability (Seed Bashing) - Direct Seeding Advantage 2005
Author: Roger Andrieuk, Rick Taillieu & Lawrence Moran
Date Created: November 22, 2005
Last Reviewed: November 22, 2005

In 2005 RTL partnered up with the Alberta Pulse Growers to carry out extension activities related to field pea stand establishment, seeding rate demonstrations, pea seed integrity and inoculant viability through the planter. 

Nine farms throughout Alberta cooperated with RTL in the collection of pea seed samples from the bin or truck through the air seeding unit to the ground openers. In some cases peas were collected at the farmers normal wind speeds as well as at high wind speeds. 

Six farm sites in Alberta were established as demo tour sites for the 2005 season and were featured at tours throughout the summer. Information about seeding rates, stand establishment, seed bashing and pulse agronomy were highlighted. These sites also offered the opportunity to carry out On Farm Experiments, which will be part of the discussion at the 2005 Direct Seeding Advantage Conference.

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