The Reduced Tillage LINKAGES (RTL) program ended August 31, 2009. It began as the Alberta Reduced Tillage Initiative (ARTI) in 1994. It was a partnership with broad-based farmer, industry, educational, wildlife and government support. The partners pooled financial and in-kind resources to develop an extension program focused on improving the environmental and economic sustainability of farming in Alberta.

During ARTI/RTL adoption of no-till increased dramatically in Alberta and was nearly 48% of annually seeded acres in 2006 (Statistic Canada). It is estimated to be about 58% in 2009. Click here for more details.

The program, during its fifteen years, hosted and/or sponsored 1,633 events with an attendance of about 83,000.

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ARTI/RTL received several awards:

2006 Emerald Award: Not-For-Profit

Premier's Award of Excellence
Silver - 2001

2004 Growing Alberta Leadership Award - Environmental Stewardship

2005 Certificate of Recognition - Prairie Certified Crop Advisors
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